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Environmental Social and Governance  ESG

Sustainable development initiatives

Sustainable development initiatives are integrated into our business activities and are carefully planned through the involvement of relevant government regulators, civil society groups, and other stakeholders.

Our parent company, ARISE IIP, adopts the philosophy of ‘growing with society’, through sharing benefits in a transparent and mutually beneficial manner.

Our sustainability initiatives are aligned with United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals, and we are determined to create a higher standard of living for all people, generate benefits and opportunities within local communities, and provide technical and vocational training to enhance local capacity.

Read Sustainability Charter (PDF)


At BSEZ, we believe in fostering sustainable development with a compassionate touch. Our initiatives are thoughtfully curated through collaboration with government regulators, civil society groups, and various stakeholders, ensuring a harmonious blend of economic progress and social responsibility.

Guided by the philosophy of ‘growing with society,’ as embraced by our parent company ARISE IIP, our commitment extends to sharing benefits transparently and fostering mutually enriching relationships.

Aligned with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, we are dedicated to elevating living standards, generating opportunities in local communities, and providing technical and vocational training to enhance local capacity.

Our Focus


Carbon Neutrality

Pioneering targeted initiatives to eliminate intensive carbon energy sources, we strive for a greener, sustainable future.


Circular Economy

Reducing resource wastage, our business strategy integrates circular economy principles.


Diversity and Inclusion

Promoting a culture of belonging, we are dedicated to increasing diversity across all organizational levels, inspiring our teams to collectively achieve shared goals.


Responsible Supply Chain Management

Identifying and mitigating supply chain risks, we proactively implement sustainable procurement practices and foster stakeholder engagement to ensure responsible and ethical business operations.